Petite Emme Success Stories


Petite Emme is proud to have helped families across Canada and the U.S. regain a sense of balance in their daily lives. Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience with our sleep programs.


"Allison has been the most compassionate, empathetic, understanding and knowledgeable sleep consultant I've worked with. I contacted Allison for support with my daughter who had been previously sleep trained at 4 months with another sleep coach. We had been having issues with early wake-ups and I had gone back to that sleep coach multiple times for support, however things weren't getting better and progressing earlier and earlier. I was going back to work in a week and feeling overwhelmed and anxious about what to do, and was desperate for help. Allison was so warm hearted, and right away was willing to help and find an approach that would work for our family. To say that Allison cares is an understatement. It is clear that this is her passion and she is absolutely amazing to work with!"

- Michele D.

“Allison is a godsend. We were struggling with a little one who fought the process every time, resulting in an overtired kid and very tired parents. Allison gave us a simple, tailored plan. Not only can he now put himself to sleep, but he is more predictable and even got through jet lag, travel cribs and hotels with some tips from Allison. The best thing about Allison is that she really truly cares. She follows up and understands what you’re going through and never makes you feel like any question is a stupid one. We are happy, well rested and confident thanks to Allison.”

- Mita & Jan 

“Allison was extremely helpful with my twin girls, guiding us through the process after they started climbing out of their cribs. She is very compassionate and is a wealth of knowledge. I really felt like I could ask her all my crazy sleep questions!”

- Amanda 

“We had a baby who needed to be danced and shushed to sleep and then gently lowered in his crib so he doesn't wake up. His naps were short and unpredictable. His nights were wake up after wake up. We knew we had to do some sleep training but even with all the books and internet info we read, we weren't sure 100% about all the steps we had to take and how to go about naps especially. Allison helped us put a plan in place and was available for questions and random situations we were dealing with. After 3 nights, our 7 month old was sleeping without waking multiple times and especially without needing to feed. After about a week, naps started to go well too! We're very happy we went ahead with Allison to guide us through this journey. She helped us stay in line with the plan but was easy going about making changes if needed. Thanks Allison!”

- Sonya 

“Allison’s kind and gentle spirit helped us get the sleep that we needed to make our family happier. Our 8 month old was still sleeping in our room and needed soothers, cuddles, and nursing to fall asleep. I was awake at least every two hours and was at my breaking point when we called Allison. By the 4th night, Emma slept through the night in her own room without needing us to comfort her in the night! Allison was kind and sincere and guided us along our journey to better sleep based on our needs. She was quick to respond to questions or concerns, and went above and beyond in my opinion. We feel blessed to have worked with her!”

– Melissa & Mark


“Working with Allison was the best decision we have made since having our baby 8 months ago. Our son slept through the night (7am-7pm) on the fourth night of us putting Allison’s plan in action. Before that, I had not slept more than 4 hours in a row since my son was born!! She literally saved my sanity and helped us create a happy, well rested home. Throughout the whole process, Allison was supportive and warm. She really gave us the confidence to change our patterns and behaviours for the better. I really appreciated how she always checked in with us on the comfort level we had with the plan. Every day she would offer small adjustments to our plan that fit us and our son. I can’t imagine where we would be without her. Thank you!!”

– Jon & Atlee


“Allison’s sleep coaching has truly changed our lives. Our son was waking multiple times a night wanting milk for comfort until he was 18 months old. By that point my husband and I were beyond exhausted. Allison listened to our challenges and explained that what we experienced was totally normal and totally fixable. She designed a plan customized to meet our family’s rhythm, and was so caring, approachable, and practical in her approach. Once our son started sleeping through the night his behaviour also improved and there is so much more peace in our home as a result. I would highly recommend Allison if your child is having sleep troubles. My husband and I say we should have called her a year ago!"

– Brit & Damien


“Allison helped us when our son was five months old. At that point he was not comfortable being on his own in his crib and he woke every two hours in the night. With her help we taught him the self soothing skills needed to sleep independently and he now sleeps through the night! Her approach was practical and adaptable to our family’s needs. We loved working with her and are so pleased to have a little guy who is getting good rest and is full of energy!”

– Kyla & Alex


“Allison is one of the most warm-hearted people you will ever meet, and this shines through in her work. It is abundantly clear that she wishes the best for you and your child and truly believes that healthy sleep forms the foundation of a healthy family. Before working with Allison, our four-month-old was heavily dependent on a soother/rock/swing/shushing to get to sleep, and transferring her to her crib rarely went well. Allison listened intently to our family’s preferences and needs to build a plan with us. Our entire household has benefitted from what she has taught us, and our babe is now sleeping well for naps and through the night. Choosing Allison to partner with our family is one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents!”

– Victoria & Alex


“Our daughter would still be waking up multiple times each night if it weren’t for Allison’s support. She patiently guided us in our sleep-deprived state without any judgment and patiently answered our million questions! Her clear and thoughtful approach was easy to implement and her follow-up is fantastic. It works!”

– Gillian & Cord


“Prior to working with Allison I was falling apart mentally and physically. Months of hourly wakings were starting to take a toll on the whole family and none of us were our best selves. Thanks to Allison’s advice and support my son now puts himself to sleep, has the best naps and wakes up only for one feed a night! I have noticed a huge difference in my son’s level of fussiness and overall he is a much happier baby. Life changing for the whole family. Thank you Allison!”

– Laura & Adam