Q: My child is no longer a baby, is it too late?

Absolutely not! The Sleep Sense™ program works for children of all ages.


Q: I share a room with my child, is it possible to get him sleeping through the night? 

Yes. A great strategy is to set up a partition or divider of some sort until your child is no longer waking in the night.


Q: I have twins, is it possible to get them both sleeping though the night? 

Absolutely. It’s a little more work (isn’t everything when you have multiples?), but completely doable.


Q: Is the Sleep Sense™ Program a version of the Cry-It-Out Method? 

No, not at all! But, full disclosure, your child will probably cry at some point during the program, as it’s their way of protesting change.

No parent wants to hear their baby cry, but if you want to empower them to sleep independently, there will be a few tears in the beginning. We’ll work together to create a sleep plan that makes the process as smooth (and with as few tears), as possible.


Q: When can my baby start sleeping through the night?

Many babies can sleep through the night as early as 3 months old, as long as there are no health concerns and they weigh over 12 lbs.


Q: What is a sleep prop?

A sleep prop is anything your child might use or rely on to help them fall asleep. It’s an external source of comfort, usually in the form of being held, bounced, or rocked to sleep.


Q: What is the 4-month sleep regression?

Babies go through a pretty dramatic change around the 3-4 month mark as their body transitions from two stages of sleep (deep and REM sleep) to four (very light, light, deep, and REM). When babies upgrade their sleep stages it tends to downgrade yours since they’re more likely to wake up after a sleep cycle and will need your help to get back to sleep.


Q: Do you work with families outside the Ottawa area?

Absolutely. Every program can be done virtually, wherever you are.