When will my baby sleep through the night?

This is a really tough question to answer without getting into the details. 

The truth is, no one really ever sleep through the night. We often wake up during our lighter phases of sleep but aren’t aware of it because our bodies have learned to seamlessly connect our sleep cycles. But for babies who are rocked, bounced or fed to sleep, it’s not so easy. They have become accustomed to falling asleep using an external source of comfort, so when they wake in the night, they require that same external source to help them fall back to sleep.

The truth is that your baby will start sleeping through the night as soon as you give her the chance to learn how.  It can be scary to change tactics, but when you actually give her the chance to fall asleep on her own you might be surprised by how quickly things improve!

- Allison.

Allison MacEwen