Sleep tips for newborns.

Newborn babies (12 weeks and under) can only tolerate being awake for about 45 minutes. But because a tired baby often behaves like a hungry baby many parents feed to solve both hunger and fatigue. So if it’s been one hour since your baby's last nap and she seems fussy, try sleep.

What I'm about to say will sound crazy, but it is not your job to get your baby to sleep. When it’s time for bed put her into her crib/bassinet awake and give her the chance to fall asleep on her own. It won’t happen every time, but when it does she is learning a valuable skill.

A dark room will promote longer stretches of night sleep and better naps. When awake ensure she is exposed to daylight, as this will help her body clock adjust to the rhythm of day vs night.

- Allison.

Allison MacEwen